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Surfocracy - Smart Internet Solutions

There are some great web sites out there aren’t there? Cool designs, flashy bits with music and great photos, graphics, animations, cool navigation, you name it, it's there..

"I WANT ONE OF THOSE SITES" you say …. Well imagine that your business had a site like that? All your friends are impressed, you get great reviews from your mum, your dentist, the bin man and you're happy with yourself. You've just spent however many thousands of your hard earned cash on a great 'state of the art' web site…."I AM GOING TO GET LOADS OF VISITORS" you tell yourself..

WRONG! Your new site takes 2 minutes to download, the navigation is not obvious to most people as it's so 'state of the art' ....and when a user visits who doesn't have all the powerful functions enabled on their browser the whole site navigation falls over, plus none of your site is search engine optimised so nobody can find it on any of the major search engines….SO HENCE NO VISITORS.

NOW CONSIDER SURFOCRACY'S APPROACH, a small but perfectly formed fusion of software developers and clean, bold, creative designers. We all work together, talk about web design & development far too much and have spent years making our sites as PRACTICAL, FUNCTIONAL AND NICELY DESIGNED as possible.

We have listened to our clients, we have learned about their needs and reacted by providing WEB SITES THAT WORK.

NOW CONSIDER YOUR BUSINESS AGAIN… (you are still in business aren't you?)

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