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About Us

Surfocracy was founded in October 2001 by Software Consultants Vincent De Mello and Mike Corney.

The catalyst for starting a web development business was the realisation that many sites although visually appealing, failed in other respects, namely they were difficult to navigate, took too long for the pages to display or simply did not work due to heavy reliance on certain browser features. This is not surprising as many early web sites were built by graphic print designers who designed web sites as if they were printed brochures.

Web sites require the combining of many disciplines. Surfocracy has brought together a team of web designers and developers who actually work together in harmony to ensure the final result is indeed practical, functional and as nicely designed as possible.

Our strong quality assurance ensures that all our web sites are checked for excellence in the following areas:

  • Usability - must be so easy to use that your visitors should do very little thinking when using the site. We also take into account that visitors have different screen sizes.
  • Performance - not only must pages load fast, they must also work on all the latest browsers and operating systems.
  • Redundancy - we never design a site which relies heavily on features which may not be present on a browser (JavaScript, Cookies, Active X). Some visitors are now privacy and security conscious, indeed, many company fire walls also disable browser features to prevent the spread of internet borne viruses into their network. As a result of these and other restrictions, many web sites simply do not work. Not with us, we design all our sites to be robust even under the most restrictive conditions. If a browser feature is disabled, then our built-in redundancy will find an alternative approach without forcing a visitor to change their browser settings.
  • Accessibility - we always take into account the latest accessibility recommendations to ensure that visually impaired visitors are not left out. The internet is not just for the able bodied and we at Surfocracy are committed to ensuring that it is open to all people whatever their disability.
  • Look and feel - we make every effort to ensure the graphical design of your web site reflects the image you intend to portray, whether it is the choice of colours or the roundness of the buttons chosen, we will spare no effort to getting it right.
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