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Graphic design

"Design me a web site and make it funky!"

We love designing web sites, we get to be all creative, put on our orange flares and drink Vimto. The first thing we do is sit down on our leatherette bean bags, meditate, then talk about your site's 'conceptual visual paradigms and narrative forms' After which we get out our crayons and draw 'the journey through your site … '


The secret to good design is no real secret at all. It's all down to good communication. At the end of the day, your web site is a tool for communicating your brand, services or products. So in order for us to do that effectively, communication is paramount…. Sometimes we have to drag it out of people, sometimes over a few pints and sometimes people know exactly what they want. But it's our job to interpret that as efficiently, effectively and with the best results possible.

Our design philosophy means we can be creative, inspirational and innovative and still work within remits of your brand, budget and timescale.

Other service we excel at are:

  • Brand identity (logos/stationary)
  • Business cards
  • Small promotional flyers
  • Content for your site's pages/copy writing
  • All manners of design work for your site including Flash animation/icon design/Illustration and pixel art.

All in all we think this provides a very comprehensive and competitive service, merging all our skills and knowledge to provide you with the best possible solution for your business.

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