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Recruitment agents

Can you afford to waste a single second to update your web site as soon as the latest job vacancy becomes available?

Do you want your web site to automatically notify registered applicants as soon as you have added the new job vacancy?

Do you want the major search engines to easily index every single job vacancy that is on your web site?

These features and more come as standard in our affordable search engine friendly Recruitment Agent solution.

Just take a look at these stunning features:

  • Works behind some of the most restrictive company firewalls. After all, this is where you are likely to get much of your applicants, hence all our web sites do not depend on JavaScript, Cookies or Flash being enabled
  • Easily add/remove/update job vacancies and job categories
  • Allow job applicants to register their interest for future job vacancies
  • Allow job applicants to upload their CV and enter their skills so they can be easily searched
  • Notify applicants by e-mail and SMS text message
  • Applicants registering an interest in a particular vacancy will have their details sent to the agent or agents assigned to each vacancy
  • Allow selected companies to upload their job vacancies directly to your site
  • Comes with a dynamic latest news, careers, press release and links pages.

In addition to the above, all job vacancies are designed to be search engine indexable with key phrases relating to the vacancy being automatically targeted.

If there's anything else you need that is not in our standard package then we can easily tailor it in.

Don't waste any more time. You could be losing valuable applicants via the search engines. Call us or email us now for more information.

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