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Search engine optimising

Surfocracy never underestimates this important area as the success of an online business depends in some part on the revenue generated from search engine traffic.

All our web sites are designed from the outset with search engine promotion in mind. We always ensure that a significant proportion of pages contain content which are search engine friendly.

If you already have an existing site that isn't performing well then please call us. Our services for search engine optimising and promotion involve the following :

  • Fully understand the business associated with the web site to determine the areas which are being targeted
  • Recommend a set of key phrases which the web site should aim to target. This also involves investigating the most popular key phrases that people are actually searching for
  • Rework existing pages to improve the targeting of the selected key phrases
  • Create new pages to target selected key phrases
  • Initiate a link exchange program to ensure that the web site has built up popularity in the eyes of search engines. This is now becoming an important aspect of how search engines determine which sites are the most important
  • Submit your site to all the major search engines

Success in search engine promotion requires concentrated effort in many areas. Get one of them wrong and the rest of the effort is wasted.

When two fishing boats go out to sea, it is not the boat with the biggest net that catches the most fish, but the boat which places itself in the right part of the ocean.

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