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Takeaway Restaurants

So there you are struggling to take orders over the telephone whilst at the same time the 5th customer has just walked in and is queuing up for their order.

Just when you put the phone down it rings again! answer the phone and two other customers are trying to get through while you take down the order. They can't wait instead they go to your competitors.

Sounds familiar?..well don't just accept the situation, Surfocracy has a better solution.

What if you can get most of your customers to order online via your web site? Think about it, no more having to keep people waiting, unlimited orders can be processed at the same time and appear instantly on your computer and can even go straight to your printer.

You will not receive orders via time consuming e-mails! instead we have developed a real-time display which works on your internet browser that will allow you to:

  • Watch orders come in via a real-time admin display letting you see at a glance when the order should be ready
  • Instantly view order details at the click of a mouse
  • Change the state of an order to any of the following states; in the kitchen, waiting for collection, waiting for delivery, being delivered and order fulfilled
  • Add telephone and walk-in orders directly to the admin display so ALL orders can be managed.

For your customers, we have a web site for your Takeaway that is simplicity itself and provides the following features:

  • Allow orders to be added to a virtual basket
  • Allow customers to make small modifications to a menu item i.e. sweeter, hotter, no nuts
  • Indicate whether a particular menu item is vegetarian, contains nuts or any other feature
  • Remember each order so future online orders can be speeded up
  • Reward frequent customers with freebies and discounts
  • If need be, handle card payments online by either sending them to the restaurant in encrypted format for later clearance or clear payments instantly via an online clearance provider
  • Limit the local areas to which orders can be delivered.

In addition, you have full control over the menu contents of your web site. You can add/remove/update menu categories and the menu items themselves in an instant.

No special tools or skills required. All you need is a browser and an internet connection.

The choice is yours! either handle orders one at a time and risk losing customers, or get them in one go without keeping your customers waiting.

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