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Web design and development

At Surfocracy we believe that a web site is not just a pretty collection of words and pictures. It is a powerful medium for portraying your products and services in the best possible light.

Our consultants are not here to simply collect the words and pictures you want to place on your web site, we will take the time to understand your organisation and provide you with the best way forward.

Whether you require a simple brochure type web site or a more sophisticated database driven solution for selling online, then we have the solution for you.

If you look closer at many web sites, you will find that they fail in many respects. We have identified all these failings and ensured that our web sites have an in built robustness which you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else. We are not just talking about the look and feel of your web site but things which could decide whether a visitor will look further than your home page. As a result, our web sites offer the following built in features as standard :

  • Pages load within 10 seconds on a 56K dial-up connection
  • Navigation is consistent throughout
  • Sites work on all browsers and operating systems
  • Pages stretch to fit different screen resolutions and browser widths
  • Pages are printer friendly
  • Sites work on the most restrictive browser configurations, i.e. Cookies, JavaScript or Active X disabled
  • Certain key pages are designed with search engines in mind
  • Site designs cope with relative fonts sizes which are particularly useful for visually impaired visitors
  • Site design incorporates the latest accessibility recommendations

We will always work within your budget but this does not mean you get cheap sites. From our sound engineering background, we have learned to save costs by not re-inventing the wheel. With this in mind, Surfocracy has taken the approach of producing web sites which are tailored to specific industries. If your business can benefit from one of our ready made solutions then talk to us.

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